I began one November, like most people, numbering my month with days of Thankful Thoughts. Then it occurred to me that we are called to be thankful for each moment of each day of each year.

I don’t think we deliberately choose to be thankful or grateful that often because it requires too much effort. However, we choose to practice our daily habits, consciously and/or subconsciously, without thinking them too much effort to undertake.

Therefore, I endeavor to buck the trend and put forth the tremendous effort daily so that I may choose happiness over the alternative that permeates our constant oxygen supply.

With that thought, I decided to find the things in my daily life for which I am grateful, thankful, appreciative and chronicle them. I want to find diverse things and not repeat them, for it is the little things that truly make up our lives of which we should find joy and thankfulness.

If we focus on just the upheavals, negative encounters, trying circumstances, pain and hurt, we will allow our joy and happiness to be repeatedly stolen by a silent thief.

Join me on this journey!